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Depression & Anxiety


Anxiety, stress and worry are often a result of our fast-paced and overwhelming lifestyles. While some stressors can be beneficial, an overabundance can lead to problems, including panic, procrastination, irritability, sleep disorders, bad habits, weight gain, feelings of loss of control, low self-confidence and more. Hypnotherapy can help you navigate the rough waters of your crazy, busy life and create anchors, safety nets, and other tools to help you recover motivation, perspective and joy, and lead a happier, healthier life style.  


Trauma & PTSD


Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. 




Successful relationships require continued maintenance and effort. All too often, we’re faced with situations we’re unprepared for, we’re hit with something we never imagined, or we’ll find we just need more tools to help navigate difficult or stressful situations. Hypnotherapy helps you discover traits of your ideal partner, with proven strategies for success in all your relationships, including setting healthy boundaries, finding your voice, creating win-win scenarios, and more.

Our Therapy



Having trouble with out-of-control negative habits or behaviors?  Struggling with your or your loved one’s addiction or substance abuse?  Addictions can take many forms: Alcohol, drugs, spending, gambling, over-eating, and so much more.  Hypnotherapy helps people cope with the addict’s and their loved ones’ feelings of guilt, shame, low self-confidence, negative effects of abusive or manipulative behaviors, and helps them discover healthy strategies for change.

career success


Afraid of success or failure?  Contemplating a career change?  Overwhelmed by your daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly deliverables?   Hypnotherapy can re-awaken your passion for success and increase your motivation, confidence and earning potential.  Hypnotherapy can help you release fears and doubts, get organized, and take the necessary steps to reach your goals with ease and confidence.

fears & phobias


Are you afraid of success or failure in your career, family, or everyday life?  Flying, heights, animals, seeing the doctor or dentist, or even death?  Public speaking or social situations?  Is your life being ruled by a “fear” that doesn’t make any sense and this fear is keeping you from enjoying all the things in life you want or need to do?  Hypnotherapy helps release the feelings of panic, anxiety and loss of control, so you’ll feel more confident, relaxed and comfortable in any situation you choose.